portfolio > Rudimentary, 2011. Core New Art Space.

Ideas begin somewhere. A line, a shape, a trigger, a memory, an essence of something evokes a spark in the mind. Inspirations and simple juxtapositions subsequently become the basis for other works. The studio itself has become a living dimensional sketchbook and i find i am confronted by elemental little ideas everywhere. These visual experiments, free from any definition of object as yet, are crafted with great abandon. Rudimentary in concept and beautiful in their imperfection, they are neither insignificant nor valuable. These bits and pieces form an alternative record of my artistic trajectory. They range from crude to playful to abject failures. Rather than finished objects, this show brings into view the byproducts of the creative process itself: the pre-works, the experiments, the models, the things gathered, the back stories and the oddities that cultivate in the studio.